One night, when the owners were checking on the restaurant, they found themselves with the beautiful scenery of the big, bright moon over their new place. This picture inspired them so much that they decided to name their restaurant Bajo la Luna, which means under the moon.

Bajo la Luna is a family-managed restaurant that serves the Tex-Mex style with classic dishes and homemade tortillas. It began as an opportunity to give their family a better future and a new challenge for the food-passionate owners, Francisco and Esmeralda.

The married couple had worked in restaurants for many years before until they decided they wanted to hop on a new adventure and call this new restaurant their own.

Together they keep everything up and running. Did you know that the delicious Jalapeño Ranch you all love is a creation of Esmeralda? And that Francisco is the best at keeping all the food's quality and taste? That's for sure a great example of compatibility and teamwork!


We are so happy to welcome you to our new home and to be able to enchant you with our food and drinks! We believe that Bajo la Luna is somewhere you can enjoy a great variety of Tex-Mex food and delicious drinks with your families. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives!